Discover the Best Chitwan National Park Resorts: Review of Facilities and Amenities

Best Resorts in Chitwan Nepal

Looking for the best resorts in Chitwan? While Nana Jungle Resort ranks as one of the most popular destinations around Chitwan National Park, you may be looking for accommodation that offers something different. In this blog we will look at some of the best alternatives to Nana Jungle Resort in Chitwan.

Important information while considering a place to stay in Chitwan:
Accommodation in Sauraha, Kasara, and Meghauli offer a range of popular jungle activities, including jungle walks, bird watching, canoeing at Rapti River, Jeep Safari rides, Elephant Breeding Center, village tour, and cultural programs.

For a comfortable stay during your travels, hotels in Narayangarh/Bharatpur are well-regarded and feature amenities such as spas, swimming pools and bars at the resorts.

Kumarwarti provides a private get away along the Narayani river, with all the facilities and activities that Sauraha and Kasara are famous for.

Quick Facts: Best Resorts in Chitwan Round-Up

ResortLocationPriceResort TypeRoomsAmenities
Nana Jungle ResortKumarwarti, Chitwan$$$Mid Level ResortStandard
Complete House
1. Airport Pickup
2. Family Friendly
3. Kitchen in Room
4. Restaurant
5. Bicycles for rent
6. Riverside
KasaraPatihani-2, Chitwan$$$$$High End ResortDeluxe Villa
Family Villa
1. Pool
2. Restaurant
3. Spa
4. Meditation Hall
5. Riverside
Chitwan Forest ResortSauraha, Chitwan$Budget ResortBudget
1. Restaurant
2. Massage
3. Airport Pickup
4. Bicycles for rent
Meghauli SeraiMeghauli Chitwan$$$$$High End ResortNational Park View
Rapti River View
Rapti Mahal Suite
1. Restaurant
2. Pool
3. Fitness center
4. Spa
5. Riverside
Sapana Village LodgeRatnanagar, Chitwan$$$Mid Level ResortSingle
1. Spa
2. Breakfast included
Hotel Wildlife CampSauraha, Chitwan$$Mid Level HotelStandard and Deluxe Rooms:
1. Pool
2. Restaurant
3. Bar and Drinks
Soaltee Westend Resort ChitwanPatihani-2, Chitwan$$$$High End ResortDeluxe Villa
Presidential Villa
1. Pool
2. Spa
3. Bar and Restaurant
Jagatpur Lodge by AnnapurnaJagatpur, Bharatpur-23, Chitwan | Nepal $$$$High End ResortLuxurious Tents
Spacious Deluxe Rooms
1. Pool
2. Restaurant
3. Airport Shuttle
4. Free Breakfast
Sarang Wildlife Sanctuary27, Meghauli, Chitwan$$$Mid Level ResortCottage Room with Queen Bed and Balcony
Deluxe Double or Twin Room with Balcony
1. Pool
2. Restaurant
3. Airport Shuttle
4. Pet-Friendly
Barahi Jungle LodgeMeghauli, Chitwan$$$$High End ResortPresidential Suite
Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe Family Huts
1. Pool
2. Restaurant & Bar
3. Free Breakfast
4. Airport Shuttle
Table containing quick facts about the best resorts around Chitwan National Park

Location of Top Rated Resorts in Chitwan:

The map below shows the location of each of the five best resorts in Chitwan. Each of them offer access to different areas of the National Park and surrounding towns. 

The 10 Best Resorts in Chitwan:

The sections below provide more in depth information about the best five resorts in Chitwan, Nepal.

1. Nana Jungle Resort:

Nana Jungle Resort_Best Resort in Chitwan

Nana Jungle Resort in Chitwan provides a delightful wilderness retreat along the tranquil banks of the Narayani river. The resort in Chitwan overlooks the National Park and combines the areas natural setting with the comforts of a luxury retreat.

One of the standout features of the resort is its amazing location. It provides direct access to the river banks below and the National Park across the way. With its well-organized wildlife excursions led by a knowledgeable wildlife team, you are sure to have the time of your life. Additionally, the hotel provides authentic Tharu culture tours and experiences. For those seeking relaxation, the option to unwind in private chalets with family and friends is truly rejuvenating.

The expansive layout of Nana Jungle Resort is awe-inspiring, with its prime view of the Narayani River. The accommodation, boasting 11 private chalets, caters to a capacity of up to 50 guests. The design of each chalet, featuring two bedrooms and a cozy living room, encourages quality bonding time with loved ones.

This resort is especially ideal for families eager to embrace the true essence of Chitwan. The chalets are equipped with all modern amenities ensuring a comfortable stay, and the attentive services provided by the resort staff are just a call away, catering to any additional needs that may arise during your stay. Nana Jungle Resort offers remarkable accommodations and Chitwan experiences.

2. Kasara Resort in Chitwan

Kasara Resort in Chitwan

Kasara Jungle Resort is a true fusion of nature and modernity, presenting a luxury resort amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Chitwan National Park.

Since its inauguration in October 2013, Kasara Jungle Resort has consistently upheld its reputation as a premium resort within Chitwan National Park. With an impressive array of 35 rooms and villas, including two exclusive VIP villas boasting plunge infinity pools, this resort embodies opulence. Notably, the main swimming pool offers an elevated vantage point, allowing guests to immerse in the picturesque jungle scenery. The resort’s design embraces a contemporary aesthetic, emphasizing clean lines, soothing neutral tones, and high-quality natural materials, providing an elegant and comfortable retreat.

Kasara Jungle Resort further offers guests with its on-site spa, a well-stocked bar, and a restaurant serving delicious dishes. Its strategic proximity to the National Park ensures an intimate connection with both nature and the lush community forests of Chitwan. The resort serves as an oasis of comfort and convenience, acting as a perfect hub for thrilling guided tours led by the resort’s expert naturalists.

Although amazing, Kasara is considered to be a luxury hotel, and the price tag resembles it. Depending on the type of traveler, this might not be the best resort in Chitwan for you.

3. Chitwan Forest Resort:

Chitwan Forest Resort

Chitwan Forest Resort is an ideal hotel in Sauraha that promises convenience and relaxation just eight kilometers away from the city center. Upon arrival at the resort, you’ll discover that everything you desire is within reach. Their inviting bar offers a delightful evening atmosphere, while the restaurant and café are perfect spots for a tasty meal or your favorite coffee.

The resort boasts a library and a barbeque area on its premises, adding to leisure options. Additionally, the resort extends a range of services including laundry, an ATM, press facilities, car rental, and a safe-deposit box, ensuring a comfortable stay. As for their accommodation, their rooms are complete with essential amenities including a shower, TV, bathrobe, and slippers.

In contrast to Kasara, Chitwan Forest Resort is a great budget friendly resort. Although it may be cheaper, you will have to sacrifice some of the great amenities that Nana Jungle Resort offers – such as waking up along the river every morning. That being said, Chitwan Forest Resort is still a great resort option in Chitwan!

4. Hotel Meghauli Serai

Hotel Meghauli Serai in Meghauli Chitwan

Meghauli Serai is an exceptional resort brought to life by Taj Safaris, situated within the heart of Chitwan National Park. Taj Safaris has transferred its renowned hospitality into their Meghauli Serai Resort in Chitwan. Meghauli Serai is located on the banks of the Rapti river, ensuring guests are greeted by breathtaking views from the moment they arrive.

As one of the best resorts in Chitwan, Meghauli Serai offers an array of unique adventures, from safari drives guided by knowledgeable naturalists to jungle walks that allow guests to get up close and personal with the vibrant wildlife. For a different perspective the resort offers canoe rides down the river as well.

Once again, Meghauli Serai is a great option for tourists looking for a high-end resort. They offer everything in terms of luxury and even have a pool and riverside view. However, the price tag may turn some away. For a more budget friendly resort with all of the same amenities, consider checking out Sapana Village Lodge or Nana Jungle Resort’s Chalets.

5. Sapana Village Lodge

Sapana Village Lodge Resort in Ratnanagar Chitwan

Sapana Village Lodge in Ratnanagar, is a great fusion of tradition and modernity, expertly showcased in each of the 30 thoughtfully crafted rooms at Sapana Village Lodge. Inspired by the authentic Tharu style, these accommodations pay homage to Chitwan’s ancient heritage. The design of Hotel Sapana Village Lodge is a testament to a deep respect for the local culture, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the traditions and artistry that define the Tharu community.

The resort takes pride in offering guests an opportunity to connect intimately with the local culture, facilitated by a team of experienced guides who possess an in-depth understanding of the region’s history, traditions, and natural wonders. These guides not only accompany you on explorations but also provide insightful narratives that breathe life into the enchanting tales of Chitwan.

Sapana is one of the best properties around Chitwan national park. They are a mid-level luxury safari hotel that provides a great mix of comfort and amenities. Sapana Village is similar to Nana Jungle Resort but located in the Sauraha side of Chitwan and the touristy part of the town. Moreover, they lack the pool and riverside view that the other Chitwan hotels had on this list.

6. Hotel Wildlife Camp

Hotel Wildlife Camp in Sauraha Chitwan

Located in Sauraha, Hotel Wildlife Camp has been one of the best resorts in Chitwan since 1986. Situated near Chitwan National Park the resort offers deluxe accommodations, diverse jungle safari experiences, cultural programs, and an array of food and beverages. The Chitwan National Park Resort boasts a beautifully designed setting with a large garden, and a pool to cool off in.

Each room at the resort is equipped with air conditioning, a fan, and a private bathroom with 24×7 hot and cold water. Open throughout the year, this Chitwan Resort aims to ensure an enjoyable and memorable stay. Similar to other resorts in Chitwan, Hotel Wildlife Camp has a number of cultural and jungle safari programs, allowing guests to take in the vibrant natural surroundings of the region. Activities range from canoe trips on the Rapti River to visiting a Tharu ethnic villages. All which provide a taste of the region’s rich culture and diverse wildlife.

7. Soaltee Westend Resort Chitwan

Soaltee Westend Resort Patihani Chitwan

When it comes to Chitwan’s best resorts, Soaltee Westend Resort emerges as a premium option. Located just 20 km south of Bharatpur in the tranquil plains of Patihani, it offers a lavish yet serene retreat.

Each room at Soaltee Westend Resort features an expansive terrace, providing an amazing vantage point of the beauty of nature in Chitwan National Park. In terms of food, this Chitwan resort provides a diverse culinary experience with multinational dining options and a centralized bar. Moreover, the resort has spacious banquet halls accommodating 150-300 people, fully equipped with essential amenities, making it a perfect venue for conferences, meetings, or ceremonies.

Soaltee Westend Resort in Chitwan blends their luxury hotel perfectly with the nature of the surrounding National Park. This makes it undeniably one of the best resorts in Chitwan, inviting you to experience a fusion of luxury and the natural world.

8. Jagatpur Lodge by Annapurna

Jagatpur Lodge by Annapurna

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of jungle camps and safaris, reminiscent of bygone days, while indulging in the luxuries of the contemporary world. Located along the Rapti River, Jagatpur Lodge in Chitwan seamlessly blends the innate beauty of its environment with a subtle elegance—a stark departure from the clinical opulence found in many resorts.

Nestled within two acres of lush woodland and bamboo groves, the lodge offers a harmonious fusion of nature and sophistication. Boasting modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi and HD televisions, the accommodation is complemented by impeccable and attentive service. Guests have the option to venture into the jungle either by jeep or on foot.

A sun deck overlooking the riverbank provides soul-nourishing views and serves as an ideal spot for enjoying a sundowner. Dinners can be relished indoors or outdoors, both settings providing a delightful conclusion to the day in the cheerful company of fellow guests and the amiable lodge staff.

9. Sarang Wildlife Sanctuary

sarang wildlife sanctuary in Meghauli

Explore the unparalleled beauty of Chitwan National Park with an invitation from Sarang Wildlife Sanctuary. Explore the intricate tapestry woven by dense forests, ancient trees, and the captivating symphony of forest birds, all harmonized with the presence of herds of spotted deer.

The sanctuary offers a variety of experiences for those eager to connect with nature. Jungle drives, conducted from Sarang’s unique and luxurious safari lodge, provide a window into the heart of the wilderness. Elephant-back safaris offer a majestic perspective, while tranquil canoeing allows for a closer communion with the flowing rivers.

At Sarang Wildlife Sanctuary, the experience extends beyond exploration, embracing a commitment to conservation and sustainable practices. It is a sanctuary where the delicate balance between luxury and nature is finely tuned, creating an unforgettable retreat for those seeking to unwind and reconnect with the untamed beauty of Chitwan.

10. Barahi Jungle Lodge

Barahi Jungle Lodge in Meghauli

As one of the best places to stay in Chitwan, Barahi Jungle lodge offers a unique blend of opulence and a deep connection with the wilderness. Surrounded by lush greenery and the melodies of exotic birds, Barahi Jungle Lodge provides an unparalleled retreat. The resort’s architecture seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, offering a serene ambiance for guests. With modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, HD televisions, and impeccable service, the lodge ensures a comfortable stay while maintaining its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Barahi Jungle Lodge invites guests to explore the wonders of Chitwan National Park through various activities. Engage in jungle drives, take an elephant-back safari, or embark on adventurous jungle walks. This resort in Chitwan serves as a gateway to the park’s rich biodiversity, allowing visitors to witness the beauty of ancient trees, hear the enchanting chorus of forest birds, and spot herds of wildlife.

Barahi Jungle Lodge stands not just as a luxury retreat but as a bridge between modern comfort and the untamed beauty of Chitwan National Park.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Resort in Chitwan

When choosing accommodation, you will want to ensure that you are getting everything you want from your resort, and from the surrounding areas. When it comes to choosing the best resort in Chitwan, consider the following:

1. Location of the Resort:

Are you aiming for a spot amidst the vibrant activity of Sauraha and Chitwan National Park? Or do you lean towards a more serene and secluded ambiance? Location plays a pivotal role for all travelers, particularly those venturing to Chitwan, Nepal, considering aspects like family-friendliness, accessibility, and the dynamics of accommodating larger groups. You might seek accommodation within walking distance to local restaurants and shops, or perhaps you desire a place right on the Narayani River across from the National Park’s rich wilderness.

We have included a map above that shows the location of Chitwan’s best resorts. Have a look and decide what kind of experience you are looking for while staying in Chitwan. Additionally, each location allows resort guests to partake in different activities around the national park

  • Sauraha, Kasara, and Meghauli accommodations offer a variety of popular jungle activities such as jungle walks in the national park, bird and animal watching, canoeing, jeep safari rides, cultural village tours and programs
  • Hotels in Narayangarh/Bharatpur are renowned for a comfortable stay and provide amenities such as: swimming pools, spas and bars for refreshment
  • Kumarwarti offers a private getaway along the Narayani river, featuring all the facilities and activities for which Sauraha and Kasara are famous.

2. Resort Facilities:

Facilities are crucial when choosing the best resort! In Chitwan, you may lean towards having a complete kitchen like with Nana Jungle Resort’s Chalets. Or you may forego the kitchen to have a pool instead! While contemplating and comparing facilities at the resorts, consider things like housekeeping, fitness facilities, pools, organized activities and experiences, room privacy and features, as well as activities for your children and family to enjoy. Envision and define the kind of property that aligns with your ideal experience and go from there – the table above showcases the facilities available at each resort. Just make sure to also do some research of your own, to get the full scope of the hotel’s facilities.

3. Budget and Price of Resort:

Financial considerations are always important when choosing the best resort for your stay in Chitwan. Especially when exploring Chitwan National Park, it’s essential to locate a resort that aligns with your budget as you will be spending money on experiences and activities as well. One way to get the best of both worlds is to find the resort that offers the experiences in Chitwan you are planning on doing. This way you can get a package deal on experiences and the accommodation. This roundup of the best resorts in Chitwan has a variation of price options, from budget accommodation to five star resorts – check the table above to see the comparison of prices.

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