Canoe on Narayani River in Chitwan

Experiences in Chitwan National Park

Enjoy one of a kind experiences and tour packages in Chitwan. Nana Jungle Resort offers direct access to Chitwan National park via Canoe Ride, making your experiences in the park that much more thrilling.

We also offer custom experiences for travelers looking to customize their stay in Chitwan.

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    Experience Chitwan National Park Like Never Before

    Embark on a unique adventure and immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Chitwan National Park like never before with our diverse range of experiences. Whether you have just one night to spare or a few days to explore, we offer tailored packages to suit your needs.

    Dive into the heart of the jungle with a Best of Chitwan National Park package or extend your stay for a more in-depth Jungle Life Experience! Our resort also offer packages that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the rich Tharu Culture of the region. Finally, as our resort is perfect for families, we offer experiences catered to creating lasting memories with your loved ones on our Family Escape bundle!

    No matter which adventure you choose, Nana Jungle Resort promises to give you a one of a kind experience in Chitwan National Park.

    Breakfast at Nana Jungle Resort

    Family Tours

    Looking to treat your family to an unforgettable trip to Chitwan? Find out how you can share an experience of a lifetime with your family.

    Tharu Culture Tour in Chitwan

    Best Of Chitwan

    An experience that immerses you in the local Tharu culture and lifestyle of the region. Enjoy a local village tour and Tharu cultural dance.

    Bengal Tiger in Chitwan

    Tiger Trail

    Want to see tigers roaming around Chitwan? Our guides take you on tiger trails in the hopes to spot the beautiful Bengal Tiger.

    Best of Chitwan National Park Tour Package

    Wildlife Express

    A perfect experience to give you everything the Park has to offer in a short trip. A quick weekend getaway to recharge, like never before.

    Spiritual Tour Experience in Chitwan

    Spiritual Tours

    Cultivate mindfulness and harmonize with both self and nature through our 3 nights and 4 days experience in Chitwan National Park

    Vulture Experience in Chitwan

    Wilderness Retreat

    Experience tailored for repeat explorers in Chitwan, so they can experience even more of the jungle and culture of the region.

    Overnight Watchtower in Chitwan

    Overnight Safari

    Spend a night inside Chitwan National Park. Stay in the overnight watch tower, looking for wildlife in their natural habitat.

    Chitwan Leopard_Big Six wildlife

    The Big 6

    Take part in the Big Six Safari which offers a thrilling opportunity to encounter the park’s most iconic and elusive wildlife species.

    Experience Chitwan National Park

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