Chitwan Jeep Safari: Ride Through Chitwan National Park

group takes jeep safari in Chitwan

Chitwan jeep safari rides are one of the most popular experiences in the National Park. The safari rides offer visitors a chance to encounter the park’s natural wonders up close and personal. Guests can choose either a half-day, full-day or private open jeep safari through the park. All which provide a chance to explore diverse habitats efficiently.

These safari’s encompass sal forest, grasslands, rivers, rain forest, and wetlands within the park. The jeep journey guides you through the expansive grasslands, alongside water bodies, and into the heart of the forest, making stops at wildlife hotspots and other observation areas. Including stops at the observation tower by the lake, riverbanks, grasslands, wildlife sighting areas, Kasara Chitwan National Park headquarters, and the Gharial Conservation Project/Crocodile breeding center.

What are Jeep Safari Rides in Chitwan National Park Like?

Jeep Safari in Chitwan

Jeep safari rides in Chitwan National Park offer an exhilarating and immersive experience into the heart of the Nepalese wilderness.

A half-day safari spans over 50 km and approximately 4 hours, while a full-day safari covers around 100 km and lasts over 8 hours. Opting for a jeep safari in Chitwan National Park is a secure and rewarding way to observe wildlife and their habitats. However, unlike walking, jeeps are confined to established roads and cannot venture off to track animals through dense vegetation. Nevertheless, encounters with rhinos are almost certain during any jungle drive.

Notably, wildlife sightings such as rhinos, tigers, sloth bears, gaurs, leopards, deer, monkeys, and diverse bird species are the main highlights of the jeep tours in the park. Here’s what you can expect from a typical jeep safari in Chitwan National Park:

1. Open Jeep Adventure:

The safari is conducted in an open jeep, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views of the park’s stunning landscapes and wildlife. Additionally, the open jeeps provide visitors with an excellent opportunity for wildlife viewing. While riding through the park, you may encounter various animals, including rhinos, tigers, sloth bears, gaurs, leopards, deer, monkeys, and numerous bird species.

2. Diverse Habitats:

The jeep takes you through diverse habitats within Chitwan National Park, such as sal forests, grasslands, riverain forests, and wetlands. This provides an opportunity to witness the rich biodiversity the park has to offer.

Additionally, the safari will have challenging terrain at times. Depending on the safari route, you may encounter varying terrains, from well-defined roads to rough paths. The jeep is designed to navigate through these terrains, providing an adventurous experience.

3. Designated Stops and Sightseeing:

The jeep will make stops at specific locations of interest, including observation towers by the lake, riverbanks, grasslands, and wildlife sighting areas. These stops enhance the safari experience, allowing you to observe and appreciate the surroundings more closely.

4. Professional Guides and Spotters:

Each jeep is accompanied by experienced guides and wildlife spotters who are well-versed in the park’s flora and fauna. They provide valuable insights, share information about the wildlife, and ensure your safety throughout the safari.

This also means that the ride will offer an educational aspect, where the guides will share information about the park’s conservation efforts, wildlife behavior, and the importance of preserving natural habitats.

How long are the Jeep Safari Rides in Chitwan?

The short safari ride in Chitwan lasts for around eight hours, starting at 1 p.m. and concluding at 5:00 p.m.. Longer rides are also available, and last about eight hours. The longer safari rides start around 7:00 a.m. and end at about 5:00 p.m..

The full-day safari offers an extended adventure, providing ample time for explorations and wildlife encounters, enabling participants to engage with the diverse ecosystems and observe the captivating fauna and flora from dawn till dusk. The extended duration allows for a comprehensive and enriching experience in the heart of nature.

Additional duration of jeep safari rides are available as well, however these will entail booking a private tour. To find out more, we recommend speaking to your tour guide operator, or hotel that you are staying at.

What are the different Chitwan Jeep Safari Options?

The main difference when it comes to Chitwan Jeep Safari rides is the duration. Whereas there are shorter, four hour excursions, as well as full day jeep safari options. Additionally, you can choose to have private safari tours or choose to go with a larger group.

Depending on the type of safari excursion you choose will determine the types of activities you can engage in. For example, longer jeep rides will allow you to stop for longer periods of time at wildlife hotspots and animal crossings. This will give you the best chance of seeing some of Chitwan’s Big Six animals in the wild. Moreover, you will be able to engage in more discussion with your guide, and learn about the flora and fauna of Chitwan National Park.

Finally, there are also jeep safari rides that take place along the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park. These rides can be shorter, and less intense then deep jungle rides! However, you don’t need to worry as jeep rides and jungle walks in Chitwan are considered to be safe!

If you are looking to find out more about a Chitwan Jeep Safari Ride, Nana Jungle Resort provides various experiences that incorporate safari rides into the itinerary! Below are different experiences in Chitwan that include jeep safari excursions in Chitwan National Park.

Tharu Culture Tour in Chitwan

Best Of Chitwan

An experience that immerses you in the local Tharu culture and lifestyle of the region. Enjoy a local village tour and Tharu cultural dance.

Best of Chitwan National Park Tour Package

Wildlife Express

A perfect experience to give you everything the Park has to offer in a short trip. A quick weekend getaway to recharge, like never before.

Overnight Watchtower in Chitwan

Overnight Safari

Spend a night inside Chitwan National Park. Stay in the overnight watch tower, looking for wildlife in their natural habitat.

If you are looking for a unique and tailored safari ride, then contact our team to schedule a custom Chitwan experience!

What is the Price for a Jeep Safari Ride in Chitwan?

The price for a jeep safari ride in Chitwan is 2,500 NPR per person for a Shared Jeep Safari and 4,000 NPR per person for a Full Day Safari. Prices vary depending on nationality. Nepalis and SAARC country nationals can expect to pay less for a jeep safari ride through Chitwan – roughly 2,000 NPR.

However, these prices are only for shared jeep rides from Kasara. If you wish to have a private jeep ride, you can expect to pay more than this. The total cost depends on the number of people that will be going. To get an exact quote regarding the price of a private Chitwan jeep safari ride, you can call or email our team. We would be happy to work with you to get you the best price possible on your jeep ride in the jungle!

Key Takeaways: Jeep Safari Rides in Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park’s jeep safari rides are one of the most popular things to do while visiting Chitwan. The safari tour is geared to provide individual tourists, families and large groups a thrilling ride through the jungle!

If you are a wildlife lover and want a chance to see Chitwan’s famous animals like Bengal Tiger, Rhino, Wild Elephant and more, then make sure to book yourself a jeep safari ride in Chitwan National Park!Nana Jungle Resort provides an array of experiences that include jeep rides through the jungle. Contact us today to book your jeep and get the best jeep safari price in Chitwan!

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