Tharu Stick Dance

Two Night Three Day Cultural Tour Package

Tharu Cultural Tour in Chitwan

Engage with local Tharu communities, and witness their unique customs and traditions firsthand. This cultural tour package is an immersive experience providing guests with insight into the Tharu community’s skills and routines passed down through generations.

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    Tharu Cultural Tour Package

    Tharu Cultural Dance at Nana Jungle Resort

    Our exclusive tour package offers guests a unique perspective and look at the local Tharu culture and lifestyle. Over the course of your three day stay, you’ll partake in the traditions, heritage, and customs of the Tharu people.

    With this package you will engage with Tharu communities, witnessing their unique customs and traditions firsthand. These immersive encounters provide insight into the Tharu community’s skills and routines passed down through generations.

    Trip Itinerary

    Day 1:

    • Arrive early afternoon
    • Welcome with refreshments
    • Village tour on bicycles
    • Campfire dinner

    Day 2:

    • Breakfast
    • Jeep safari adventure
    • Lunch
    • Canoe
    • Sunset by the river
    • Tharu culture dance
    • Dinner

    Day 3:

    • Riverside breakfast
    • Departure

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    Tharu Cultural Tour: 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary

    Our standard package is for two nights and three days – however if you want to extend your trip, Nana Jungle Resort can help! We can customize and tailor make any length of trip so you can get the most out of your vacation and stay in Chitwan. Our typical Tharu Culture Tour includes the following:

    Tharu Culture Tour Day 1:

    Upon arrival in the early afternoon, guests are greeted with refreshing beverages. Following the welcome, a village tour is arranged, where participants explore the area on bicycles. You’ll explore the Tharu community’s way of life, architecture, and traditions, all while riding bicycles through picturesque landscapes. The day concludes with a campfire dinner.

    Tharu Culture Tour Day 2:

    The day begins with breakfast, and then an exciting jungle jeep safari adventure is scheduled. After the safari, lunch is served, followed by a peaceful canoe ride and a picturesque sunset experience by the river. In the evening, guests are treated to a cultural dance performance showcasing the Tharu culture, concluding with dinner.

    Tharu Culture Tour Day 3:

    On the final day of your culture tour in Chitwan, breakfast is served by the riverside. It’s a peaceful start to the day, allowing you to savor the last moments of your holiday. Following breakfast, it will be time for your departure.

    Tharu Village Cycle tour in Chitwan
    Local Tharu House in Chitwan
    Tharu Village Walk in Chitwan

    Guest Reviews: Tharu Culture Tour

    Nana Jungle Resort takes pride in providing an immersive vacation at the local traditions and heritage of the Tharu community. Read what our guests had to say.

    Hospitality at its best !!! After a really hectic few days of travel, I found the right place to relax and recuperate at Nana Jungle Resort in Amaltari. Right away, it felt like home. On arrival, I was greeted by the Director/Manager- Vivek and his excellent team- Jhul, Som and Jit, with friendly smiles and their warm hospitality. I loved the view tower overlooking the grasslands and the Narayani river. Although Safaris into the National Park were not possible then, due to the rising water levels of the Narayani, the beautiful birds in the garden and the captivating sunsets on the horizon, were mesmerising ! I would not really recommend the jeep drives into the Community forest as there are droves of vehicles with noisy guests who are complete litterbugs! The drive into the Buffer zone itself is way too distant ! I would recommend visiting Nana to anyone who is looking for a break and a home, close to the jungle, with the brightest & warmest of smiles. Thank you, Nana Team !
    An experience that you cannot buy We walked from the resort straight to the grasslands and into the river. Saw few fishermen in the boats. It was so quiet and peaceful that you only hear them row their boats and maybe few birds. You can also get on top of the tower point and watch for birds and animals in the national park. One guy showed tiger paws in the grassland. So how close can you to the wilderness experience than this. Ask for the bikes and go tour the villages while you are there. An experience that you cannot buy.
    Comfortable Deep in the village and jungle. Better not to get lost and follow the map. Ask for direction if you get lost. If not there are few signage on the way. Better to reach before dark though. The women in culture dresses will greet you with flowers and the staff provide you with cold drinks. So that is a good way to start your vacation. Everything is great.
    Beautiful resort Beautiful resort in the middle of nowhere. It is cut off from the city. So you forget everything. And are just mesmerized by the nature. We had a business meeting there. But the mind was very peaceful and relaxed. After the meeting, we go upto the machan and watched the sunset. The food was also good, specially the barbeque varieties and chicken biryani. All food was great. Very friendly staff. I will go back soon with my family as well.
    Worth it!!! A good place for family. Very comfortable rooms. Like the food, delicious. Early morning walk to the river to watch the sunrise was beautiful. Watched a rhino across the river, where there is Chitwan National Park. Went to jeep safari and vulture feeding, which was new experience for me and my family. We wanted to stay there longer. Will go back soon.
    Great place to with friends & family with the beauty of nature First of all, I love Holiday Inn Resorts!The staff is friendly, the Hotel and grounds are beautiful. One of the best resort I have visited till now. The receptionists were really helpful and friendly. Great staff who knew how to serve the customer. The room was well equipped and the service was excellent. From the balcony, we could view the sea and feel the cool breeze. The location of our room was absolutely perfect. As soon as I come out of the resort, I could be with the nature fell the cold weather with fresh air. Walking a bit I could reach the dinning hall and front of that a beautiful machan where we could have lovely dinner with the mesmerizing Sunrise view & wild life. And the food was excellent never had such food .
    Wonderful venue Had an annual meeting of our company in the premises. It was large, plenty of space, quite and conducive to serious discussions. Good food, great service and especially tea and coffee provided during the breakout session. Great experience.
    Peaceful wilderness Very hospitable staff, comfortable rooms, and peaceful surrounding amidst wilderness! You are just as close to the river, as you are to tiger and rhino path. Machan on the property overlooking the river is a great meditative space to enjoy morning coffee as you watch the sun rise or drink beer and watch the sunset, from the same spot. Certainly a luxury at an affordable price that I highly recommend for family getaways or business retreats.
    Very Good Im Impressed with Food Quality, Friendly Staff, enjoyed peace and Natural environment ..... Truly loved this place. Best place to hangout with friends. I recommend every one to stop at this place. Truly amazing.
    Real jungle experience The resort is so close to the river and the park. Outside of the boundaries, the wild life roams. The resort staff advised us to go there along with their wild life guide so it felt quite safe. Could spot a rhino across the river in the Park area in its natural habitat without being disturbed by the flock of tourists. We were there for a meeting. But the resort was so spacious and refreshing that it didn't feel like work at all. The staff are so nice and helpful. 100% score for the team.

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