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Nestled on the banks of the Narayani River, across from the Chitwan National Park, Nana Jungle Resort opens the door to a serene wilderness experience for families. Our family resort in Chitwan seamlessly blends the comforts of a modern resort with the untouched beauty of nature. You will be able to have the perfect vacation and endless fun with your family at Nana Jungle Resort.

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Family Visiting Chitwan on Canoe

Family-Friendly Accommodations:

At Nana Jungle Resort, our 11 private chalets offer a unique opportunity for families to immerse themselves in Chitwan’s rich biodiversity. With accommodation for up to 70 people, our resort provides the perfect setting for both intimate family getaways and large gatherings. Each chalet boasts two bedrooms and a spacious living room, ensuring a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

As a leading family resort in Chitwan, we prioritize the comfort of all age groups. Our chalets come equipped with modern amenities to enhance your stay including kitchens and private rooms. Even though it may feel just like home for the children, don’t let that bother you and your partner! Our dedicated staff is just a call away to assist with any additional needs you may have. Accommodations for families include:

Room at Nana Jungle Resort

Standard Room

Room includes two double beds, an attached bathroom, and accommodates up to four adults. Starts at Rs. 5,000.

Accommodation_Bedroom Nana Jungle Resort

Deluxe Rooms

Features a king-size bed, a private living space with a pantry, and an attached bathroom. Starts at Rs. 5,000.

Accommodation_Living Room at Nana Jungle Resort


Entire house for a family with one standard room, one deluxe room, private living space and pantry. Starts at Rs. 10,000.

Wildlife Adventures and Experiences for the Family:

Situated near the Narayani River, Nana Jungle Resort provides easy access to both the river and Chitwan National Park. Explore the park’s expansive beauty with our expert wildlife team, offering guided jungle safaris and immersive nature walks. Moreover, our resort is not just a destination for families but also a gateway for them to experience something new in Nepal.

At Nana Jungle Resort, we go beyond providing accommodation; we offer tailor-made Chitwan experiences that create lasting memories for your family. Explore Chitwan National Park’s expansive beauty or immerse yourselves in Tharu culture with our curated family tours.

We have activities catered to family members of all ages. Have a look at some of our most popular family activities:

Breakfast at Nana Jungle Resort

Family Tours

Looking to treat your family to an unforgettable trip to Chitwan? Find out how you can share an experience of a lifetime with your family.

Tharu Culture Tour in Chitwan

Chitwan Wildlife Express

Have limited time for a trip a Chitwan? Our 1-night, 2-day National Park getaway at is the ideal tour package for families planning a short stay.

Tiger, Big 6 Experience in Chitwan

Tiger Trail Experience

Want a chance to track and spot Bengal Tigers while traveling through Chitwan National Park? This tour package is perfect for adventurous families!

Recreation and Relaxation For the Whole Family:

The resort is located in a private and secluded area along the Narayani River. With full access to the river, you can spend an afternoon relaxing, and taking in the sunset over the National Park. With ample places to sit and play, you can have peace of mind knowing that your children are having fun while you get some much needed rest!

If that wasn’t enough, we also have an outdoor fire pit and provide evening cultural shows such as the famous Tharu Stick Dance. With multiple activities available at the resort itself, you don’t have to worry about venturing off when you just want to relax. To ensure you can fully relax, our staff is always available and ready to help you get the most out of your family vacation. 

Culinary Delights for Every Family Member:

Savor the flavors of Chitwan at our onsite restaurant, where we blend international cuisines with authentic Nepali dishes.

With a fully functional restaurant, and a chef always on location, you will be able to get anytype of dish your stomach desires. From Nepali food, to Chicken Biryani and even continental food, there will be something for everyone! Our diverse menu ensures there’s something for every member of the family, and our chefs are committed to using locally sourced ingredients.

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